I’m Jonah Probell.

You can reach me at (first name)@probell.com


My resume is available on LinkedIn.

I am a professional angel investor and patent strategist.

I have worked for 7 startups and small companies, two that I co-founded. My companies have been sued for patent infringement and lost, sued and won, and avoided being sued. I built a small patent portfolio that was sold for $50M and a large one that supported late-stage financing at 100x revenue.

I am currently looking for deals in AI, biotech, and SaaS types of business. But I will consider any company that looks like it has an unusually good chance of an unusually good return. In the past, I have led engineering, sales, marketing, and patenting in chip design, video signal processing, natural language, and AI software.

As an investor, I offer patenting help to portfolio companies and some others. That can include harvesting inventions, drafting and prosecution, patentability searching, and due diligence on validity and market value.


I seek to broaden my horizons. I often learn everything that I can about something new. Wikipedia is my favorite web site. I enjoy technical writing and teaching because that's the best way to learn a subject thoroughly.

I love that I have diverse friends and acquaintances. I view strangers as friends that I have yet to meet. I enjoy helping others. I will take either side for the sake of a good debate.

I enjoy cycling and tend a fine garden. I watch live theater but not television. I like cloudy weather and wind. I am selective about what organizations I join.

I love to travel, have spent time in most US states and many nations, and have a friend in each one. Though I wander, I spend most of my time in Silicon Valley.

I enjoy trying new languages, but I know only one fluently. Lately, I am studying Mandarin and reading traditional Chinese characters. I enjoy limericks, wordplay, thoughtful sayings, and general trivia. I like studying maps and have a good sense of direction. I drive a stick shift and can back up a trailer.

If your name is Probell, please let me know, especially if you are interested in having an email address ending in @probell.com. Otherwise, just enjoy this site.


Here is a list of some things that I have written. You can also search for me on Google Scholar and Google Patents.

Good luck